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By December 9, 2012December 26th, 2013Blog

It is Jewish custom to eat foods fried in oil during the 8 day Hanukkah festival. In Israel, the “go to” fried foods of choice are sufganiyot, a Hebrew word derived from the word for sponge. Here in America, we call them donuts, and at Haven, any day is a good day for a donut.

We find ourselves lucky to find a holiday that will celebrate them along with us. We are so excited about an 8 day donut fest that we went out and purchased a dedicated fryer just for the occasion. Starting today, and for the next glorious 7 days, sufganiyot will be front and center on our pastry table. Yes, you will have to witness them on your way to the counter. Close your eyes if you have to…and if you are going to get all guilty about gifting yourself several of them during the upcoming week, ease your pain with the knowledge that ours are made with organic flour, organic sugar & organic wild berry jam. Be good to your self.