Please order by Sunday, November 20. All orders must be paid in full at time of order. Orders can be picked up Wednesday, November 23 before 5pm. We will be closed Thanksgiving Day.

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Dinner to-go for one 18.00

House roasted turkey breast, mashed potatoes with celeriac, choice of stuffing, gravy and pomegranate, orange cranberry relish.


1-2 (8oz)
2-4 (16oz)4-6 (32oz)
Sausage stuffing flavored with Grand Marnier4.759.5018.50
Apple sage stuffing3.757.5016.50
Maple, ginger roasted root vegetables4.509.0017.50
Mashed potatoes with celeriac4.509.0017.50
Roasted beet and apple salad with goat cheese4.759.5018.50
Pomegranate, orange cranberry relish6.2512.5023.50
Old fashioned turkey gravy6.2512.5023.50


From the Bakery

Bourbon pumpkin cheesecake 6″ (serves 8-10)32.00
Bourbon pumpkin cheesecake 8″ (serves 12-14)38.00
Pumpkin crunch torte (serves 12-14)52.00
Pear cranberry galette (serves 8-10)28.00
Classic pumpkin pie (serves 8-10)18.00
Haven’s apple cake (serves 12-14)36.00
Sour cream coffee cake (serves 12-14)36.00
Haven’s biscuits and scones26.00/dz