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A testament to the tasty breakfast burrito…

By October 18, 2012December 26th, 2013Blog

Haven’s breakfast burrito services a broad constituency, a faithful group of diners who order it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Often times they question their sanity….”Why can’t I stop eating this thing?”…or, “Every time I come in I tell myself that I am going to try something else, and then I get in front of the register and end up ordering THE BURRITO!”

Well, here is some evidence to assuage your concern and support your habit: like every item on the menu at Haven, the burrito is built, head to toe, with quality ingredients. One of which is our homemade avocado-tomatillo puree. Fresh avocado is blended each day with roasted tomatillos, jalapenos, garlic & freshly squeezed lime juice. So yummy you can eat it by the spoonful (and we do). If you have the courage to indulge in another good habit, come in for lunch. The Avocado-tomatillo puree is also served alongside our grilled chicken quesadilla, where it is downright dangerous!