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Blowin’ in the Wind…

By October 30, 2012December 26th, 2013Blog

Thankfully, Hurricane Sandy skirted the Berkshires…nothing but a little rain and some mighty gusts of wind. Some folks lost power. Most got to stay home by themselves or with their family to enjoy a much needed time out.

Many thanks to Mother Nature. We had to close today because we have staff who report to work at 3:30 in the morning to prep the day’s menu. We had to make the call during the middle of the storm not knowing the eventual outcome. So we were closed today even though it was 60 and sunny. We were not idle however. A core crew came in to prepare for tomorrow, test new recipes and conduct routine maintenance. Focaccia and sugar cookies are in the works and the espresso grinders were overhauled to the tune of Bob Dylan singing, “Blowin’ in the Wind”. We are ready for you tomorrow…see you in the morning.