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By August 7, 2012December 26th, 2013Blog

Summertime at Haven is always a bustling scene due to the influx of audiences who flock to see the plethora of cultural events happening all around the Berkshires. It is pretty much guaranteed that all of our tables, inside and out, will be filled from late June through August.

Through negotiation, cooperation, patience and good humor, on both sides of the counter, we manage to seat almost everyone who walks through our doors. The same jostling for space occurs on the community billboards located in our breezeway. As with the dining room, space is available on a first come-first serve basis. Competition runs high. We are sure that five times the allotted space would be full on a weekly basis. Shakespeare and Company, The Mount, Jacob’s Pillow and Tanglewood face-off against art camp, nature walks, consignment sales and drumming circles. We are happy to report that, with little oversight on our part, the same spirit of cooperation and fairness is evident in the daily turnover of postings. Past events are magically replaced by the up and comers and boundaries are respected. We’ve never seen anyone cover up another’s vital information in a power grab for exposure. A pleasure to witness a segment of the population conducting their self governance with such grace. More evidence of the varied ways the arts community enriches society.